Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP, is an internet-based phone system, as opposed to a land line that relies on old copper-wire technologies that have been around for a hundred years. With VoIP, users still use a phone handset but they can also use their computer or tablet to deliver and receive voice calls. Because VoIP phone systems work through the internet, unlike traditional PBX systems that rely on landlines, users have access to other handy office features such as messaging, virtual meetings and conferencing.

Our VoIP phone system is hosted on a private cloud in our data center, eliminating the upfront capital expenditures of expensive hardware.

The lowered costs and ability to scale as needed make VoIP a smart choice for small- and medium-sized businesses. Not only that but several states, including Georgia, will be redirecting resources to newer technologies and phasing out the old copper lines in the next few years.

Want more information? One of our sales persons will guide you to choose the right VoIP Phone System for Your Small Business, Call Center or Multi-Location Office, avoiding making a costly mistake.